5 Surprising Benefits of Digital Asset Management Solution for SMEs

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While most large-scale enterprises already have a digital management system (DAM) in place, many small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are yet to catch up. Some believe that the size of their operation doesn’t merit adopting DAM technology. However, the truth is digital asset management solution is a must if your business owns digital assets. It’s one of the best ways to secure logos, images, music, audio-visual documents, spreadsheets, patterns and trade secrets, designs, and other multimedia content.

5 Advantages of Digital Asset Management for SMEs

The security and efficiency of handling data are crucial when managing digital assets. Traditional methods, such as using hardware to save the files, can make the data vulnerable to loss, corruption, and theft. Blockchain-based DAM offers a solution to such issues. SMEs can benefit from a digital management solution in the following ways:

  1. Greater Collaboration

SMEs without in-house teams or departments usually collaborate with partners to work on their products and services. A DAM solution establishes a single source of truth for all parties. This means that everyone has the latest version of all files, ensuring that all collaborators are on the same page.

  1. Enhanced Security

A data breach is especially disastrous for SMEs. Not only does it compromise their valuable digital assets, but it also leads to the loss of critical data. In addition, not all companies have the resources to replace lost assets quickly and completely. SEO blockchain helps prevent this scenario.

Blockchain-based DAM systems rely on heavy encryption for every block, making them nearly impervious to breaches and other malicious attacks. On top of this, you can also implement security measures that are not available with conventional methods, such as a two-factor authentication protocol.

  1. Improved Efficiency

A digital asset management solution dramatically improves the efficiency of SMEs when it comes to working with digital assets. It allows you to search through your files using every imaginable filter, from basic dates and file names down to specialised meta-data. Such filters will save you precious time and effort.

  1. Better Accountability

A DAM system that utilises blockchain records everything that happens to the data. This means that you’ll know everyone who accessed the digital assets, as well as the exact date, time, and changes they made to the files. Better yet, everyone inside your system will be able to see these information. Pinpoint errors quickly, talk to responsible parties, and come up with solutions for greater operational efficiency.

  1. Upgraded Accessibility

Individuals can access digital assets over the cloud at any time, from anywhere in the world. While this improves accessibility, having a DAM solution offers a more secure way of sharing access. For instance, you can establish what level of access to grant to users, from read-only to editing privileges and more.

Explore Digital Asset Management Solutions

Blockchain-based digital asset management solutions can help SMEs reach greater operational heights. Learn more about DAMs by exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency websites. Ready to implement your own DAM solution? Be sure to work with an experienced digital asset management company specialising in the blockchain today.


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