6 SEO Strategies You Can’t Do Without in 2019

search engine optimization strategy

Make sure your SEO strategies are on-point for 2019! Read on to find out what techniques to retain, update, and take up to stay on ahead of the competition.

  1. Optimize Your Content

This is possibly the oldest trick in the book. Here’s what you need to know about it.

• Targeting the right keywords is key. Find the ones that are most relevant to your brand, business, and products.
• Optimize your title tag. It’s the content component that has the most weight when it comes to search engine optimization. So, make sure to integrate your keywords into your title tags.
• Mention your keywords near the beginning of your content.
• Incorporate your keywords to your content headings as well, especially in the first heading (H1).

  1. Boost Your Site Speed

Test your website’s speed across various platforms. If it takes more than a couple of seconds, then you need to do something about it. Most users close browser tabs that take more than five seconds to load. Check the things that may be affecting your site speed (e.g., images, graphics, database queries, PHP conflicts, etc.). If you lack the know-how to diagnose your website, consider getting it checked out by SEO experts.

  1. Focus on Pages Included in Website Navigation

Did you know that navigation is the most important structural component of your website? There are three reasons why:

• it’s what lets users peruse your website easily;
• it’s the first thing that provides links to the various pages of your website; and
• it’s found at the very top of just about every page in your website (which gives it a lot of weight in SEO).

So, optimize the pages included in it. Make sure Google sees just how important they are.

  1. Ask Your Friends and Clients to Review Your Posts and Products

Site reviews are local SEO ranking factor. So, they’re seldom the focus of SEO strategies. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard them in your SEO plan. After all, high listing ranks provide more value to a business. Good reviews aren’t hard to come by if you offer quality content, products, and services.

  1. Create Fresh Compelling Content

Content is king! Quality content rakes in traffic. Traffic boosts conversion rates. It is neither a secret nor is it rocket science. So, spare no effort to come up with fresh and interesting content.

  1. Ensure Mobile Users Can Access Your Website

This can be quite a challenge if you’re website has been around for ages. However, the results are definitely worth it. Most people nowadays use mobile devices to browse the web. As such, failing to make your website mobile-friendly will definitely limit your influence.

Raising your ranking takes time and effort. So, don’t expect immediate results after implementing these SEO strategies. If you’re not new to the digital marketing scene, review your current optimization game plan. This may take time, especially if you have an expansive website. But it’ll be worth it as it’ll not only enable you to take stock of what you have going on but it’ll also help you establish your priorities.

Boost your web visibility! Take up these SEO techniques to supercharge your digital marketing campaigns!


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