9 Best Places to Install Top-Quality Kansas City, MO Artificial Grass Around Your Home

Kansas City, MO artificial grass is more than just a low-maintenance, cost-efficient, evergreen alternative to the real thing. It’s also a versatile landscaping and interior design tool. You can install synthetic grass on just about any type of surface, from soil to concrete, and it doesn’t need fertile soil, abundant sunlight, and constant watering to stay lush. It’s no wonder its installations have extended beyond lawns!

Artificial grass lawn

Ideal Spots for Artificial Grass Around the Home

Initially engineered for sports fields, artificial grass has now become a common sight around residential settings. Thinking of integrating this versatile turf around your home? Here are some of the best places to install it on:

  1. Yards

Have a picture-perfect lawn without the upkeep hassles of natural grass when you cover your yard with artificial turf. You can include the entire area or just a portion of it. If your yard doubles as a pet run, you’ll be pleased to know that synthetic turf can withstand the antics of determined dogs without getting damaged.

  1. Hardscapes

Enliven pavers, flagstones, pathways, and other hardscapes with vibrant artificial grass in Kansas City. Not only will it provide a beautiful contrast against such dull, unforgiving surfaces, but it can also help cool down heat-retaining hardscapes like concrete.

  1. Pool Areas

Cover poolside areas and their adjacent open spaces with artificial grass to make them safer and more inviting. Synthetic turf features a non-slip, cushioned surface, which minimizes accidents, dampens the impact of falls, and reduces injuries. It also helps keep the pool cleaner since it is dirt-free and doesn’t lose grass blades like natural turf.

  1. Putting Greens

Get your game on without leaving your home using artificial grass! Invest in a synthetic turf product designed specifically for golf to get the same ball roll quality found in top course clubs and competition-level greens.

  1. Play Spaces

Give your kids safer play space with high-quality Kansas City, MO artificial grass. Synthetic grass for playgrounds features a non-slip, impact-absorbing, cushioned surface designed to reduce tripping hazards and serious injuries.

  1. Driveways

While synthetic grass isn’t designed for tire traffic, you can still use it to spruce up your driveway. Place it only in the perimeters and lesser-used areas of the drive. Are you determined to integrate it fully into your parking space? Mimic a grid or checkerboard design to protect the base mat of the turf from taking damage from tire traffic.

  1. Gardens

Whether you want to add a little lawn inside your verdant garden or integrate grass into its pathways, you can’t go wrong with synthetic turf. Since it’s manufactured, it doesn’t need watering. You don’t have to worry about overspills interfering with your garden. Pick an artificial grass that looks natural against your trees and plants.

  1. Elevated Spaces

Want to add grass to your home, but you live in a high-rise building? Create your very own oasis by covering your balcony, terrace, or rooftop with synthetic grass. You can include the entire floor with vibrant turf or just a portion of it to accent the area’s hardscape.

  1. Inside Your Home

Synthetic turf doesn’t need fertile soil and sunlight to thrive, so feel free to use it indoors. Use it to carpet rooms, soften stairs, and create accent walls. You can also make lush rugs from what’s left of your artificial grass after installation.

Explore Your Artificial Grass Placement Options

Aside from residential installations, artificial grass is also an excellent material for commercial settings. You can use it to spruce office interiors, staff rooms, pantries, business parking lots, storefronts, company green spaces, and more. Talk to a credible installer of synthetic grass in Kansas City to learn more about the turf’s uses, benefits, and applications.


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