A Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer Shares Creative Tips and Ideas for Stunning Bridal Photos

Wedding photographer is shooting portrait of the bride in the studio

Wedding photography can draw out mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety in any bride-to-be. While it gives you the chance to look the best you’ve ever been, you also have to worry about unflattering angles and awkward poses. Put such fears to rest with creative techniques from a Northern Virginia wedding photographer. Become the talk of the town for all the right reasons with these brilliant photo tips!

Creative Poses and Techniques for Brides

As the big day approaches, you must establish an approach to your bridal photos. Your wedding photographer can recommend poses and angles to keep your shots interesting. Here are a couple of creative photo ideas that will give a unique touch to your album:

  1. Show off that gown.

Hold up your dress a bit in some of your shots to evoke a feeling of whimsy and excitement. Get different angles of your gown to show off its beautiful design, but don’t hold back your smiles in favor of serious, model-like photos. Let the photographer capture your emotions as you wait for the main event of your big day.

  1. Snap several shots with your maid of honor.

Take planned and candid shots with your maid of honor while getting ready for the wedding. Don’t keep your excitement in check for your knot-tying moment. Talk to your photographer for venue- or theme-specific ideas or check the portfolios of top Leesburg, VA wedding photographers for pose references.

  1. Flaunt your shoes and accessories.

The bride in the process of putting on her accessories makes for an exquisite bridal shot. Ask your photographer to take photos while you put on your necklace and earrings. Highlight your hands and facial features. Show off your shoes as well by placing them near your dressing table. Arrange everything tastefully to create an aura of a princess getting ready for her big day.

  1. Position the elbows and arms strategically for photos while seating.

Pose your elbows and arms in a way that mimics the natural shape of your body. This will help you look more delicate in photos. Pull them slightly away from your body to make them look slimmer.

  1. Create imaginary lines with your poses.

Draw up linear patterns in your photos when creating a pose. They will help you create harmony and prevent awkward spaces in portrait shots. Your Northern Virginia photographer should guide you in creating the best pose angle for that perfect angle.

  1. Gaze in the distance.

Give your photo an artful touch by staring in the distance. This conveys a feeling of hopefulness toward the next chapter in your life.

  1. Maximize hand movements.

Hold your dress, show off your bouquet, and don’t hold back on the hand gestures to avoid looking stiff in your photos. You don’t need to make your hands the center of all your shots. Just relax and trust your wedding photographer to take photos that highlight your best features.

  1. Take full body shots from behind.

Slightly turn your back to the camera to highlight your stunning silhouette. Your elbows should be completely seen to keep the image from looking flat and square. Show off a bit of your wedding train as well.

Strike the Perfect Pose as You Tie the Knot!

Strategic posing does wonders to boost the bride’s confidence, helping them relax and show raw emotions during their wedding ceremony and reception. Maximize these advantages.

Make every pose and photo option matter on your special day. Consult with your Northern Virginia wedding photographer to determine the perfect poses and angles for your wedding. Make great memories that will last a lifetime!


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