Integrating Robert Allen Fabrics into Your Home’s Interior Design

samples of fabric

Home owners seldom consider fabric when planning their home design. They believe it to be inconsequential compared to lighting, furnishings, and other interior design elements. This is a misconception. Beautiful fabrics, like the Robert Allen fabric, are actually one of the most important aspects of interior design.

Understanding the Impact of Fabrics in Interior Design

Robert Allen fabrics are durable and diverse. Here are the four top reasons you should consider adding them to your home’s interior design.

  • They add color to space. The effect depends on the similarities or differences of the fabric hue and the room’s color scheme. For example, warm and vibrant textiles can brighten up muted spaces whereas dark and subtle fabrics can enhance a professional setting’s aesthetics.
  • They reflect culture and personality. These depend on the material’s pattern. A Scalamandre fabric with a beautiful Cherry Blossom motif, for instance, may indicate Japanese inspiration. It would be the perfect backdrop (wallpaper) or furnishing accent (pillows and curtains) for a Japanese themed interior design.
  • They are versatile interior design elements Robert Allen materials can be used as carpets, curtains, tapestries, and wallpapers. They can also be used to cover or embellish various forms of furniture (e.g., sofas, chairs, tables, beds, etc.).
  • They boost comfort without compromising style. Let’s say your furniture are mostly made up of hardwood materials. Yes, they’re beautiful and elegant. However, they’re not the coziest of seats. Adding a fabric seat cover or a couple of throw pillows will make them more comfortable and inviting.

Now that you know what you can get out of furnishing and decorating with Robert Allen fabrics, let’s move on to the things you need to consider when choosing your materials.

Selecting Fabrics for your Space

You can’t just pick the first fabric that catches your eye. There’s more to fabric furnishing and decorating than aesthetics. You need to consider the conditions of the space or room involved to make sure you get the right material. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is the function of the space/room?
  • Is it a high traffic location?
  • Will it be regularly used or just when visitors come over?
  • Does it rely on natural light, artificial light, or a mix?
  • What type of lighting fixtures does it rely on?
  • Do you have children, or will the space host children regularly?
  • Do you have pets, or will the space host pets?

Your answers to these questions will help you determine what kind of Robert Allen fabric to get for your home. Here are some of the most common types.

  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Acrylic fiber
  • Nylon fabric
  • Rayon fabric
  • Olefin fabric
  • Scalamandre fabric

Study up on these materials and determine the ones that are most suited to your space.

Integrating Fabrics into Your Home

There are many ways to embellish your interior design with fabrics and textiles. Here are some of the simplest and cleverest ways to do so.

  1. Fabric Walls
  2. Curtains
  3. Pillows
  4. Bedsheets and Pillowcases
  5. Furniture Covers
  6. Furnishing Cushions

Make a statement by integrating on-point Robert Allen fabric pieces into your interior design. Consider these fabric-focused considerations and suggestions when you design your home.

White Label Digital Marketing is Experiencing a Boom

As more businesses make their online presence felt, hiring digital marketing agencies to run and optimize their campaigns, white label digital marketing is now experiencing a boom.

More digital marketing agencies know that they have a large bulk of work to attend to, and to avoid spreading themselves too thin, they now recruit white label service providers that have more specialized expertise, taking a load off of them and reaping healthy benefits.

digital marketing
2018 is shaping up to be the year that digital marketing has gone full steam ahead, and private label marketing has been a big part of that. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of how white label has evolved in the past few years, and how it has served as the central engine of online marketing.

  • White Label solutions are one of the fastest growing industries.
  • Responding to an ever growing need of businesses to make their online presence felt, digital marketing agencies are stepping up their game, demanding no less than the most comprehensive analytics and strategies to help their clients.

    However, even these agencies know their limitations, and wish to lean to a more planning and vetting type of role when it comes to digital marketing. Because of this, new marketing agencies with more digital marketing role-specific staff are beginning to fill this void – the white label digital marketing agencies. And with the main agencies availing of the packages of the white label firms, they are able to get more comprehensive and more specialized PPC campaigns, content campaigns, and social media campaigns for them to present to their clients.

  • White Label providers are more well-rounded in their approach.
  • Not only are they more numerous, they are becoming more specialized, with more personnel filling up the traditional digital marketing outlets: search engine optimization (SEO), social media management (SMO), and pay-per-click (PPC) Management.

    As IT engineers and other Internet specialists get a grasp of the patterns of Google and Bing when it comes to listing results, as well as the advertising mechanisms of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, they become more able to develop strategies to optimize their campaigns, and make their mark online well enough to generate great ROI.

  • Digital marketing services now know no bounds when it comes to language.
  • The use of the Internet is now a universal language, and there are talented and experienced individuals to cater to the digital marketing solutions required by both client and agency. This means more outsourcing agencies can pick from more specialized white label providers, and examine each package that each of these white label agencies have to offer.

    You can find them everywhere around the world, equipped with the proper skills and experience to cater to your digital marketing needs. Each of these service providers have their unique approach, so interested clients can choose a package that suits them if they want their own campaigns to succeed.

Are you ready for the next white label phase?

The stakes are high now when it comes to online marketing as 2019 approaches. You can either toil away, or wrack your brains trying to implement campaigns from scratch, or you could choose from the many digital marketing services that offer white label solutions which you could market as your own.

Why make it harder for yourself, when you can just monitor the campaign as a white label agency works on it? Not only will the workload for PPC, SEO, and SMO be easier for you, the return on investment (ROI) will also be bigger than what you would acquire doing it all on your own. Get started now!

Does It Make Sense to Hire a Brand Marketing Firm to Handle Reputation Management for Your CEO?

When you think about what your CEO can do for your company, there are probably three scenarios with which you can come up. There’s the notion of the CEO who is virtually invisible, making no public comments about the company and its policies. There’s the CEO whose reputation helps the company to reach new heights, and then there’s the one whose actions cause active harm to the business’s bottom line. When you look at the situation in this light, you can see why it’s sometimes useful to hire a brand marketing firm to handle reputation management for your CEO.

Use A Brand Marketing Firm To Advise Your CEO

Is Your CEO an Asset or a Liability?

If you have a CEO who knows that a squeaky-clean appearance can help your company, then using a brand marketing firm to handle reputation management might not be necessary. If your CEO only appears at charity functions and never has any turmoil going on in their personal lives, then that’s ideal. Even better, if they’re charismatic and are constantly launching initiatives that are going to help the planet or those less fortunate, then they’re already doing an excellent job of handling their brand marketing.

How many CEOs know how to behave in this way, though? If these are their natural inclinations, then that’s great, but in many cases, tremendous wealth does not come along with the best decision-making capabilities.

You might have a CEO who likes to get on social media and act in a braggadocious manner. Maybe they’re not kicking puppies or anything else that’s going to get your company a flood of bad press, but it’s less than helpful if they’re sharing pictures of themselves luxuriating on their private yacht in the middle of an economic downturn either.

What a Brand Marketing Firm Can Do

A brand marketing firm can teach your CEO what they must do if they want to keep a tight handle on their public persona. This reputation management training will hopefully get them to think before they go on a late-night social media spree, or before they make an off-color comment in the presence of a dozen TV cameras. CEOs owe a lot to their shareholders if they head up a publicly traded company. What they say and do matters a great deal, which is part of why brand marketing firms exist.

Your CEO may need a crash course in reputation management, or they may already have a solid grip on their behavior. In either case, the public is going to be watching what they do and say, and if they ever step out of line, there could be severe consequences. A prime example that took place recently was the founder of Papa John’s being ousted from his own company.

In some cases, a CEO needs to learn to temper their behavior, and that’s when a brand marketing firm steps in for reputation management purposes, if only for the sake of the company’s betterment.

Reinvent Your Home this Holiday Season with Modern Home Decor

This winter, why not try using some modern home décor for your home? Whether it’s for your living room or bedroom, a change in home décor can improve your home. The holidays are a good time to test the new décor, along with your usual Christmas ornaments and lights.

Aside from purchasing new kind of décor, you should also know how to utilize them. Hanging paintings or lights just about wherever could ruin the aesthetics of a house. With new and innovative ideas on decorating a home, you can pull off a modern home in time for the holidays.

home decor

New Home Décor Hacks for Your House

Time to liven up your home aesthetic! Here are some ways you can use home décor to decorate your house.

  • Strategic Placement of Mirrors
    Apart from showing your reflection, mirrors can also amplify spaces. They help give an illusion that spaces are bigger than they really are. Use square, oversized, non-gilded mirrors to make this trick happen.Hang mirrors in places that are the center of attention. If your house has a fireplace, place a huge mirror above it. Your guests will marvel how big your living room is, with little effort on your part!
  • Use a Wall for a Gallery
    Want to make your wide open wall more interesting? Put up portaits of different sizes and designs on it to give a needed pizzazz to your room.Mix in some photographs with the pieces you purchased from furniture stores in Los Angeles a while back. Don’t be afraid to try out new placements with the pictures. In the end, you will get the set up fit for the wall.
  • Use Lamps as Focus Points
    A lamp shade can not only give light to a home – it can also give it some needed personality. You can set a free-standing lamp in between two couches to give it personality.

    For your bedroom, you can set up your modern lamp at the post of your bed. Not only will it serve as an effective reading light, it will also draw attention to anyone entering the room. Such setups can bring an aura of sophistication to any space.

  • Use Shelves to Display Antique Items
    Have a hand-me-down coal iron or phonograph from your grandparents? Yesterday’s appliances can be today’s modern home décor! You can put up some shelves on a wall in the living room, and place those antiques there.

    Not only will the items have a second lease on life; they will also pique curiosity from your guests. Watch them be in awe as you tell them the stories behind those nifty items!

Spruce up Your Place with the Best Home Decor

Why settle for overly minimalist spaces? With the right execution, modern home décor can turn ordinary houses into fabulous ones.

If you feel that you need extra décor, you can get them in contemporary furniture stores in Los Angeles and in pop-up Christmas markets. Don’t pass up the chance to reinvent your home. Decorate and innovate!

Dan Greenhalgh Builds for the Community

Community in Canada

ENM Construction Management Ltd., founded by Dan Greenhalgh, is no stranger to business development projects. A couple of establishments around Metro Vancouver bear its seal of excellence. However, Dan is bent on a unique way of going about business, something beyond the traditional construction mantra of doing things.

ENM Construction Management has a mission of going beyond building and construction management, but for a community-forming type of business.

Venture in Purpose-Built Rental Projects

Dan Greenhalgh worked on development projects before starting the company in 2015. Since then, he has wasted no time and engaged in ambitious construction and renovation projects. Starting with Willoughby Walk and Taphouse Bar and Grill, he was able to deftly implement construction management projects with time and budget balance.

Having established himself in construction, he made rental housing his bread and butter. ENM is actually a pioneer in this field, as no one in the area has thought of venturing in this. According to Dan Greenhalgh, there are advantages when it comes to rental project investment compared to housing:

    a. Housing can get high, but will tend to average out and go downhill; while rental always moves up even with its slow and steady pace.

    b. Rental-based housing is scarce in Vancouver, and because of low vacancy, rent on available units tend to be high.

Seeing the potential in rental housing, ENM hopes to create homes with quality materials, which will lead to more affordable housing.

Community Projects

Greenhalgh’s commitment to community-based projects has found fruition in two establishments:

  • Briskham Townhomes (Habitat for Humanity)
    In partnership with global organization Habitat for Humanity Project, ENM Construction is building a townhome development which will give 19 families affordable housing. Only a few minutes away from transit, these houses are testament to ENM’s community forming attitude.
  • ISOasis Feline Shelter ( Langley Animal Protection Society)
    By partnering with Langley Animal Protection Society (LAPS), ENM Construction was able to build a 1100 sq. ft. habitat for abandoned and rescued cats. A charitable project, the ISOasis was built at cost. ENM Construction also happens to manage this property.

Close Camaraderie

As project manager, Dan Greenhalgh draws inspiration for his community-building advocacy from his ENM team. “We’re a close group of people, and I love coming to work everyday and getting things done with this team,” he states. “So that’s my biggest motivation to come to work, I just enjoy being around them.”

The Only Way Is Up

ENM’s growing list of projects coincides with a construction boom—not just in Vancouver, but in the whole of Canada. Dan Greenhalgh recognizes the challenge, and hopes that he will be able to make an imprint with his building advocacy. With a line-up of services that include Merchant Building, Construction Management, and Development Management, ENM Construction is set to make a positive impact in their purpose-built rental and community building business.

2019 Ford Ranger from a Ford Dealership in Bend: The Perfect Companion for Winter Driving

The 2019 Ford Ranger from a Ford dealership in Bend, the latest version of the revered pickup truck, is here! Available again after a long time in North America, the 2019 Ranger is sure to get both long-time fans and new buyers interested with its updated features. And now that winter is fast approaching, it is the perfect vehicle for you to have.

Snow’s No Problem

Unlike a sedan, a pickup truck like the 2019 Ford Ranger is a better investment because of its tough nature, and its adaptability to different weather conditions and terrains. The 2019 Ranger, in fact, outdoes the older version of the Ranger, as it is now bigger in size and closer to an F-150!

2019 ford ranger

There are also other things the 2019 Ranger has improved on from its predecessor. For one, it has large frame-mounted hooks for the steel front bumper. Furthermore, there is a short overhang if you’re driving off-road. Standard cab options are also no longer available; you can now only choose from the SuperCab and 4-door SuperCrew cab configurations.

Another huge advantage the Ranger has, compared to SUVs, is that you can place large loads into the vehicle without fear of interference. Remember when you had to sit up straight to avoid being close to your ski boots at the back of your SUV? Well, with the 2019 Ranger’s truck cargo beds –which come in 5 and 6 feet lengths—you need not worry about that anymore! You can load up your snowboards and skis in the Ranger’s bed, and your passengers can unwind in the cabin, hassle free.

Want to spend some time in the mountains alone with your family in a trailer? You can count on the Ranger’s best-in-class payload to make that trailer trip possible for you. And with a ground clearance of 9-inches, this pickup can withstand mild snowy conditions.

To Performer

The 2019 Ford Ranger, unlike its predecessor, only comes in one engine and transmission – the 2.3L Eco-Boost 4 Cyl engine with 10 speed automatic transmission. Nevertheless, it works in its favor, as what’s under the hood is as tough as its exterior, performance-wise.

To top it all off, the 2019 Ford Ranger comes with the 4 Wheel Drive option, which is perfect for its adaptability for any terrain and climate. Whether you’re driving through concrete, ice, snow, grass, or mud – you’re in for a smooth ride with the Ranger. Just think about this – once you’ve maxed out the pickup after several ski trips, you can then use it for a summer hike with the kids months later. Now there’s a solid investment, don’t think?


One key advantage of the 2019 Ranger over the previous model is modern technology. To keep up with the times, the Ranger now has driver assisted technology to make your city or country driving more comfortable than ever. Riding into a snowstorm? Ford has got you covered with features such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and Blind Spot reminders that will make your winter driving experience less stressful than ever.

Not picking up any radio station? There’s also available infotainment to cheer you up in the harshest of winters. Ford’s Sync 3 system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities can allow you to hook up your Christmas playlist to the Ranger’s sound system.

Tough conditions call for tough vehicles. Thankfully, the 2019 Ford Ranger is back just in time for winter, and better than ever to serve you! With nine trims to choose from, there’s certainly one that’s perfect for your adventurous spirit. Contact a Ford dealership in Bend now to get your piece of pickup heaven.

Lactic Acid Peel: The Best Introduction to the World of Chemical Peels

Do a quick search for chemical peels online, and you’ll see tons of people raving about their amazing exfoliating powers and the wonders they can do for your skin. And it’s true— the smooth, glowing, even texture and tones of post-peel skin will immediately turn anyone into a big fan. But if you’ve never done it before, then it’s best to begin with a lactic acid peel as your introduction to this whole new side of skin care.

Woman applying cream to her face

The Gentle Acid

Lactic acids are part of the alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). This group of acids are pros at exfoliating the skin and penetrating deep into the pores that other products simply can’t reach. Lactic acid is derived from milk and is also present in fruit sugars.

Compared to its famous cousins salicylic acid and glycolic acid, lactic acid is considered one of the gentlest types of AHAs. Its large molecules are not as aggressive at penetrating the pores as glycolic acid (which has the smallest molecules out of all the AHAs). This makes a lactic acid peel the perfect choice for chemical peel amateurs and those with very sensitive skin.

Why It’s Worth It

If you’ve never used a lactic acid serum before, then the thought of a skin peel might make you hesitate. However, all the fantastic benefits should make you quickly change your mind.

How It Works

  • After spreading a thin layer of lactic acid peel to your face, it will immediately work to remove excess oil, dirt, dead skin, and other pollutants present on the skin’s surface.
  • These elements act like “glue,” sticking to the top layer of your skin and causing all sorts of trouble. They’re the primary reason for those nasty breakouts, annoying blackheads and white heads, and other common skin problems.
  • Once all that bad stuff is gone, your skin is free to show off the supple, glowing skin hiding underneath.
  • With continued use, the benefits of using a lactic peel go beyond the surface. Your skin becomes more receptive to moisturizers and serums, making it better at staying hydrated. You’ll also find your skin tone and texture evening out. There can also be fewer breakouts, because dead skin cells and contaminants have no chance to build up and clog your pores.

Start Slow and Build Up from There

The best thing about chemical peels is that you don’t need a lot to take advantage of their incredible properties. It’s the same with a lactic acid peel.

Once you start searching for the right product, you’ll find a wide range of strengths and combinations available. Consider starting with a 25% variation or lower. Starting at a low concentration will minimize any discomfort and will allow your skin to adjust to the effects.

Once you become a more regular user of lactic acid peels, you may start experimenting with stronger variations.

Finally, make sure to protect that new layer of skin that your lactic peel revealed. To do this, don’t forget to wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Pretty soon, you’ll become a pro at using chemical peels and enjoying beautiful, healthy skin like never before.

Curing Neuropathy: Expert Tips From a Dulles Neurology Specialist

Dulles neurology experts would agree: Neuropathy is one serious and terrible affliction. The disease, which is characterized by damage to the body’s nerves, can lead to weakness, pain, and numbness, often in the hands and feet. Professional help should be sought immediately once such a condition is encountered. Continue reading “Curing Neuropathy: Expert Tips From a Dulles Neurology Specialist”

Food for One: Complete Packaging Solutions Address the Single-Serve Trend

More and more Americans are exchanging the couch for the treadmill. With more than 40 million gym subscriptions nationwide, the health craze is also sweeping the food and beverage industry. It’s also having an impact on complete packaging solutions, as new trends on eating habits mean exploring more creative ways of packaging foods and beverages.

A trend worth noting is the rising popularity of single-serve and sample packaging. If you’re looking to reach consumers who are trying to practice healthy eating habits, then this type of packaging holds great potential.

brown recycled paper bag with nutrition labels

  • Portion and Calorie Control

Smaller packs helps people control the calories they consume and the portion sizes of the food they eat. Single-serve packaging makes this easier to achieve. Instead of mindlessly snacking on a big bag of chips, one can now enjoy it without overindulging.

Your contract packaging provider can also print pertinent nutritional information on the package such as ingredients, fat content, sugar, and other things that people look for when shopping for food and drinks.

  • Convenience

Small packages also make it easier for shoppers to transport food. Convenience is a major element when buying food items. Single-serve packages can contain everything from a snack to a whole meal, and can be taken from place to place without too much hassle. If you want to target fitness buffs who are always on the go, then smaller packaging can help your marketing efforts

  • Freshness

Single-serve packaging means that consumers are able to enjoy their food fresh, every time. Before, buying a bag of cereal or a box of cookies means having stale leftovers in the near future; worse, the leftovers simply become waste. Now, people can purchase individual packs of crackers, chips, or cookies without having to store the rest of it away.

  • Creativity

Better still, single-serve containers offer a wonderful opportunity for companies to unleash their creativity. Want to include fruit as a side dish? Want to try out a portable pouch for that ready-made protein shake? Single-serve items can be very versatile when it comes to design. It gives you more freedom to explore food combinations and presentation in a way that larger packaging does not.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Traditionally, downsizing food packaging means you need to use more materials, and in turn, generate more waste. The rise of the health trend has also given way for increased eco-consciousness among shoppers. Fortunately, many contract packaging companies today are able to create single-serve packaging while observing eco-friendly packages at the same time.

  • Affordability

Not everyone can afford to buy big amounts food, nor desire to. Single-serve packaging makes a wide variety of food more accessible to customers. Even more expensive items like nut butters, specialty coffee, and even fancy food items become more accessible when portioned out into single servings. As a result, customers are able to buy more of an item without obligating them to purchase in bulk.

Single servings of meals and beverages are becoming more prevalent in today’s food and drinks market.  It addresses important issues like dietary awareness, convenience, and freshness, offering companies a novel and efficient way to present their products.

Foreign, Speculative Investments, and the Construction Management Industry

Soaring housing prices have been a serious challenge in Canada for years now. Different stakeholders have also made numerous proposals, and part of this vague picture of possible solutions includes foreign and speculative investment issues. Below are some discussion points on this matter, as well as their relevance to the construction management industry and other relevant issues.

Current status

The first two items in the British Columbia 30-point plan for a fairer housing market read as:

  • Taxing speculators who are driving up housing costs
  • Increasing the foreign buyers tax rate to 20%

These actions, while intended to be part of the solution, are still being hotly debated today by different critics. Reactions from British Columbians have also been solicited, and a Mustel Group’s survey says that the British Columbians support measures to reduce speculative investment. From this point of view, it would seem like the movement to impose tax on the speculators is just the right option.

On another note, boggling questions have also been laid down to challenge these actions. For instance, some are very keen in asking if foreign investors are the ones driving the prices of housing. This question surfaced in lieu of increasing foreign real estate investment, especially that of China, whose outward real estate in general increased more than 200-fold in 2014, based on a University of Alberta occasional paper series report by Kerry Sun.

Construction Management Industry

Another part of the 30-point plan includes investing $6 billion-plus investment in affordable housing, which falls under the general direction of “building the homes people need.” This hefty investment was labeled as the largest one poured by the government for housing affordability. With such investment, more housing developments are expected and thus, increasing housing supply. When this path is pursued, construction management industry can play a big part in boosting the housing supply in the country.

Data is the Key

In the same 2015 report by Kerry Sun, it was argued that there is a need to have a better set of data to help guide all the stakeholders to the proper direction of housing in Canada. This is true especially when we are talking about foreign investment on real estate. It says that while foreign investments could affect the housing market of the country, the degree of effect can vary. Hence, enhanced collection of different foreign investment-related data, such as policies, can serve as a grease to ease the rough-and-tough decision-making for Canada’s real estate industry.

The 30-point British Columbia covered some parts of the data collection aspect of the housing crisis. Relevant points in the plan include:

  • Taking action to end hidden ownership, including a new beneficial ownership registry
  • Expanding information collection and information sharing with federal government to prevent tax evasion

Actions are indeed being taken by different stakeholders, but the crisis, of course, will not vanish in an instant. One thing is for sure – all eyes are in this predicament. The real estate industry in Canada might continue to be on fire in the coming years, but all hopes are toward its betterment.