How to Train Your Border Collie for Goose Control

Border collie jumping on an agility training

Geese problems are often unavoidable, especially if your property has features that make it the perfect breeding and nesting grounds for these birds.  Fortunately, there are ways to keep them off your grounds. Training a Border Collie for goose control is one of them.

Border Collies are the dog breed with the stalking behavior, something that makes them a natural predator to geese. Trained Border Collies can persistently chase off birds without harming or touching them. Once the geese establish that a Border Collie guards a property, they’ll know not to return to breed or nest. It’s the most effective and humane way of dealing with a goose infestation.

6 Easy Training Tips for Border Collie

It takes months to hone a Border Collie’s herding and predatory instincts for goose control —longer if the dog is still a puppy or already full grown. Don’t let the lengthy period deter you. With persistent and consistent training efforts, you can train your canine to chase off geese in no time. Follow these tips:

  1. Start with simple commands.

Whether you purchased a puppy or a full-grown Border Collie for sale, you need to start small. Master simple prompts before working your way up to more complex commands. It will help you gauge their range of obedience and reception to instruction. Study their behavior and adjust your training methods accordingly. Start with these prompts:

• Stay
• Sit (down)
• Come here

Be patient and persistent. Reward small achievement with treats, pats, and words of encouragement.

  1. Work for a response after a single command.

Border Collies are intelligent. They can pick up and remember commands in a short period of time. When training them, don’t give commands repeatedly. Say them only once. If you need to repeat the prompt, do so after a minute or two. Saying it multiple times may cause your Border Collie to respond only when the command is given several times.

  1. Train somewhere spacious and secure.

Trained Border Collies cover vast expanses of land, seeking and herding out geese. That’s why it’s imperative that you get yours used to taking commands in huge spaces. Conduct goose dog training out in an open but fenced area. Once your canine follows commands well, leash them and place them in a training pen with a few geese. Give the geese a large pile of feed to keep them in a single spot. Give your dog time to get used to the birds.

  1. Use hand gestures when giving commands.

Punctuate prompts with hand gestures. Make sure your Border Collie is paying attention to the verbal command and your hand movement during training. This will help them associate the prompt with the signal. When done well, your dog will take the gesture as a nonverbal command, allowing them to respond to it faster.

  1. Consult Geese Control Companies

Consult geese control companies for expert advice on training. Since the Humane Society of the United States recommends goose herding methods with Border Collies, most agencies rely on these canines for most of their services. Take advantage of their knowledge. Get insights from them on how to handle and train your border collie.

  1. Praise and reward them.

Like other canines, Border Collie thrive on praise from their owners. The more praise they get, the more effective their work on goose control will be, so don’t skimp out on rewards and encouragements. Give them a treat whenever they do something good or follow your command. It will help them become more responsive to future commands.

Hone Your Border Collie’s Stalking Instincts

Train them for goose control. Not only will it unlock their full potential as a herder, but it will also deter geese from nesting, breeding, and hanging out in your property indefinitely!

Fight Insomnia with CBD Oil Products

suffering from sleeping disorder and insomnia

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep conditions in the world. It makes it difficult to fall or stay asleep. If left untreated, insomnia can cause sleep deprivation, which, in turn, weakens the mind and body for more severe ailments. Doctors typically take a personalized approach when treating insomnia, recommending anything from rigid sleep schedules to stimulus control therapy. If you’re looking for a more natural alternative form of treatment, however, CBD oil products are your best option.

Fast Facts about CBD

CBD, also known as ‘cannabidiol,’ is a natural compound that is found in the cannabis plant. Although it comes from the cannabis plant, CBD is not intoxicating. It’s free of THC, the compound responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana intake.

CBD’s medicinal properties have been tested and confirmed to be safe and non-addictive. In June 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug, for treating epileptic seizures. Research on how the compound can be used for other health conditions has since increased. Experts found that it can help treat or manage certain conditions such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and, of course, insomnia.

CBD products come in many forms, the most common of which is CBD oil. There are CBD tinctures, topical CBD oil, infused capsules, salves, ointments, and more.

The Benefits of Using CBD Oil Solutions for Insomnia

Are you considering CBD products to treat your insomnia? Know that sound sleep isn’t the only benefit you can look forward to. Here are the advantages of using CBD solutions:

  1. They have different administration methods.

There’s more than one way to take a CBD oil product. The administration method would depend on your solution of choice. CBD oil tinctures, for instance, are sublingually taken with a dropper. This involves placing and holding a couple of drops of the oil under your tongue before swallowing. CBD capsules, on the other hand, are taken orally while CBD-infused balms and creams are topically applied.

  1. They take effect after a few minutes.

While the length of time it takes for CBD oil products to work varies depending on their form, most of them take effect several minutes after administration. The rate depends on the potency of the form as well. A CBD oil tincture, for example, can reduce the symptoms of insomnia within the first 5-20 minutes of its intake.

  1. They feature tasteful flavors.

If you’re not fond of the taste of most medicines, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to using oral CBD solutions. CBD oil for sale comes in a variety of pleasant flavors like peppermint, vanilla, and cinnamon. Try different flavors to find out which suits your tastes best.

  1. They can be taken mixed with beverages.

In the unlikely event that none of the flavors of oral CBD products are to your tastes, you have the option to mix in the medicinal oil with any beverage you want. You can mix CBD oil with a cup of warm milk or tea before going to bed. The beverage won’t interfere with the effects of the solution, and you can expect the oil’s effects within their expected time.

  1. They come in different forms.

There is no shortage of CBD oil products in the market, so you can explore your options and find the right product for your specific needs freely. Try different solutions such as CBD-infused sprays, creams, lotions, essential oils, or even gummies.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep with CBD Oil!

With a few drops of CBD oil, you can reduce your struggles with insomnia and get quality sleep. Visit your local health and wellness shop or rely on credible CBD product sellers online to find excellent CBD solutions to treat your sleep disorder!

Maintain Healthy Weight through Personal Training in Studio City

Most people will do anything to lose weight and maintain their figure.  Doing so, however, involves more than cutting down on eating and personal training in Studio City. Getting rid of excess pounds does not happen overnight; it involves changing many daily habits, and maintaining them in the long run.

Dietting weight loss concept. Slim woman measuring waist with tape measure isolated on white background

However, becoming fit is easier said than done. In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 1.9 billion overweight adults on the planet; 650 million of these adults were obese. The good news is that obesity is preventable.  Discover some useful hacks to help you achieve weight loss and keep you healthy.

How to Lose Weight and Maintain Your Figure

There are countless practical ways for you to slim down and ensure long term results:

  1. Set realistic goals.
    You may want to bring up your weight up to a time you were younger. You should instead set a realistic goal of losing 5-10% of your weight. Allow yourself all the time to reach that goal. Most people actually need 6 months in order to reach the goal.
  1. Eat more greens.
    Diets that are high in vegetables are linked with better outcomes, which include weight loss and reduced risk of diseases. Spinach, watercress, and collard greens rank as powerhouse foods. However, don’t cut out meat or dairy from your diet. Outstanding results also come from diets that combine healthy protein sources with vegetables.
  1. Get a lot of sleep.
    Not having enough sleep will stimulate your appetite, making you crave more food than usual. It also prevents you from feeling satisfied and makes you want to keep eating. Sleep deprivation will also make you unmotivated, so you should try to get eight hours of sleep nightly.
  1. Work out in the morning.
    If you do regular workouts, an early morning workout on an empty stomach will speed up your weight loss and bring up energy levels by getting your body ready for an all-day burn. In addition, heading to your neighborhood gym in Sherman Oaks first thing in the morning will make your body tap into the fat reserves for fuel in place of burning off your most recent meal.
  1. Eat breakfast mindfully.
    A lot of people forego breakfast in the morning because they’re not feeling hungry. Try to rise 15 minutes earlier so that you have time to eat breakfast. While eating, practice putting down the utensils and coffee between every food you take in.
  1. Move around frequently.
    Exercise alone won’t guarantee immediate weight loss. As we become active, our hunger also increases. It’s also easier to eat hundreds of calories instead of burning them one time at the gym. This is why you have to move frequently to keep healthy. Instead of driving to work, try riding a bike instead; instead of using the elevator for a two floor ride, use the stairs.  In the long haul, you will be able to keep much weight off.
  1. Keep track of your screen time.
    Many people often use not having time to exercise or preparing healthy food as an excuse. However, most of them are glued to their smartphones or tablets to check on social media or stream shows. Monitor your screen time, and cut back the hours you spend in front of the screen to a quarter. Use the remaining time to work out or eat healthy.

Keep Your Weight in Check

Do your best to lose weight, but don’t let all of your weight loss efforts end in vain. Keep a healthy mindset after losing weight. Eat right instead of eating less. Spend less time on the phone and catch up on sleep.

If you struggle to meet your personal goals at the Studio City gym, consider hiring a personal trainer to help you keep track of your efforts. Maintaining your weight is a long term effort; develop healthy habits and good things will happen to you.

Common Mistakes in Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles, CA

Bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA can be done either as a solo job or with the help of hired professionals. Like any other home remodeling job, there are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

Man setting tile on cement board

5 Mistakes to Avoid for Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling entails a lot of attention to detail. A single overlooked detail can lead to bigger complications. To ensure quality bathroom renovations, make sure to avoid these mistakes:

  1. Moving Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures are installed for a reason—and moving the bathroom fixtures can be one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Plumbing is set around your home to drain water efficiently. Moving fixtures such as bathtubs and sinks can ruin the plumbing, causing you an even bigger plumbing problem to deal with.

  1. Overlooking Small Details

When it comes to installing a shower or bath wall surrounds in Los Angeles bathrooms, even the smallest detail can matter a lot. Small details such as paint chips, small cracks, and whatnot can greatly affect the quality of the work. Make sure to pay close attention to anything surrounding your bathroom.

  1. Making Unrealistic Budget Plans

Bathroom remodeling can cost a lot, depending on the work you want done for your bathroom. The most important thing here is to be as realistic as can be with the budget you have. work only with the budget you allotted and make sure to consult with your contractor to avoid costly mistakes.

  1. Forgetting about Storage

A bathroom is also important for storing extra items you have, particularly extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other items of the sort. Storage is important no matter what room in your home you choose to remodel—and when this is overlooked, your bathroom can become a bit inconvenient to use.

  1. Improper Spacing

Shower installation in Los Angeles is another form of bathroom remodeling, which makes space an important thing to factor in for the job. Improper space layouts can make your bathroom a bit uncomfortable to use, especially when you install a shower.

Make Bathroom Remodeling Easier to Handle!

Avoid these five mistakes during your bathroom remodeling in Los Angeles, CA. Trust in the work of professionals and/or have confidence in your remodeling skills, and any bathroom can transform into what you envision it to be!


The 2019 Toyota Tacoma from Santa Ana Used Car Dealers is The Truck to Beat

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma from Santa Ana used car dealers is everything a truck should be – powerful with more than enough muscle for the toughest jobs, designed with off-road expertise, and lots of comfort, convenience, and safety features to make even the most difficult trek pleasant and enjoyable. To top it all off, the 2019 Toyota Tacoma comes with more than 30 configurations, cementing its place as one of America’s best-selling trucks.

test drive the 2019 Toyota Tacoma from Costa Mesa

Legendary Performance

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma continues the model’s legendary reputation for reliability, durability, and longevity. The 3.5L V6 has 278 horsepower on tap for bursts of acceleration and the ability to tow up to 6, 800 pounds.  The smooth 6-speed manual gives it a magnificent old-school feel, and the powertrain delivers attractive fuel economy figures.

The Toyota Tacoma from your Toyota dealer in Huntington Beach is in its element off road, climbing steep grades or hauling heavy loads. Drivers will find the most important switch gear a breeze to reach, and over all, the steering offers incredible response and the ride is firm without being jarring.

Venture Farther with the TRD Pro

The 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro beats most rivals when it comes to the title of best off-road ready truck. This configuration is bolstered with hardware like quarter-inch thick aluminium skid plate, Fox off-road shocks, and electronically-locking rear differential. Toggle through the 5-mode Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control to take you from rocky boulders to sand and mud without hesitate. If you’re planning to take your truck on challenging terrain, you can’t go wrong with the TRD Pro.

Car-Like Interior

The Toyota Tacoma may boast rough-road credentials, but inside, it has passenger comfort and convenience in mind. All materials for the seats, dash, and doors are high quality, and there’s also a handy multi-information display that shows drivers outside temperature, fuel economy, and off-road data such as the angle of the truck on a steep hill or trail mode.

In addition to the push button start, you also get the Qi wireless charging and the latest Entune system for entertainment and connectivity. All seats are comfortable with plenty of room to find the best position, and there’s a variety of storage and cubbies in the cabin to store gadgets and other items.

Notable Standard and Optional Equipment

In terms of features, the 2019 Toyota Tacoma is generous even at the base level. The cutting edge Toyota Safety Sense P is standard on all trims, and it includes lane departure alert with sway warning, pedestrian detection, a pre-collision system, high-speed dynamic cruise control, automatic high beams, and more.

Optional features on the Toyota Tacoma depend on how you want your truck. For those who want their ride even more rugged, there’s the TRD PRO trim level. Those who like their tech and luxuries on the road will enjoy the heated leather seats, JBL sound system,  tilt-and-slide moon roof, and driver assistance add-ons like blind spot monitoring and rear parking assist.

Get Behind the Wheel of the 2019 Toyota Tacoma Today!

Get a first-hand look at one of the bestselling trucks of all time when you test drive the 2019 Toyota Tacoma from Costa Mesa used car dealerships! Push it the limits around Costa Mesa and beyond, and see why very few trucks can beat the Toyota Tacoma when it comes to power, features, and style!

A Dentist in Laguna Niguel Discusses Everything You Need to Know about Dental Implants

Dental implants are excellent alternatives to dentures and bridges. Made to match the patient’s natural teeth, they offer a more permanent and visually appealing cover for tooth loss. It’s why any dentist in Laguna, Niguel would recommend them to their patients who are eligible for the procedure.

a dentist searches the correct shade of teeth for a female patient

Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

There are many reasons why dentists recommend dental implants. They include:

  • To get rid of the discomfort caused by removable dentures
  • To eliminate the hassles of using bridges and dentures
  • To have a better eating experience
  • To improve oral health
  • To enhance speech
  • To improve appearance
  • To boost self-esteem

Take note: you don’t need to get a referral for dental implants in Orange County. Just ask your dentist about them.

What Does the Dental Implant Process Involve?

The dental implant procedure is an in-office operation conducted with local anesthesia. How long it takes depends on how many implants are going to be placed. A single implant may take as little as half an hour, while a surgery that involves multiple implants may take more than four hours.

Here’s what to expect once you’ve decided to get the procedure:

  1. Gathering Data for the Procedure – Your dentist will review your medical history and conduct a thorough dental examination. If all goes well, they’ll have dental X-rays and 3D images taken of your teeth and jaw. They may also have a model made for reference.
  2. Developing a Treatment Plan – Not all dentists are trained to place a dental implant. In case yours doesn’t, they will refer you to a team of professionals that specialize in oral surgery and restorative dentistry. They will develop a customized treatment plan for you with consideration to your specific needs and dental records.
  3. Placing the Dental Implant – The surgery is divided into several stages, with recovery periods in between. They include:
  • Removing the damaged tooth
  • Preparing the jawbone for grafting (if necessary)
  • Placing the dental implant on the bone socket
  • Placing a dental abutment
  • Placing the artificial tooth

Your dentist in Mission Viejo, CA will give a more in-depth take of what each stage involves. Unless the surgery involves multiple implants, it’s usually an outpatient procedure.

  1. Recovering from the Procedure – Discomfort is expected after the surgery. Most patients report:
  • Swelling of the face and gums
  • Pain on the implant site
  • Bruising of the skin or gums
  • Minor bleeding

Dentists prescribe antibiotics and pain medications after the surgery.

Due to the extensive preparation and lengthy recovery period, the dental implant process can take months to complete.

Are Dental Implants for You?

Getting dental implants is a commitment. Before you opt for the procedure, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Consider the following:

  • Your teeth and gums must be in top condition for the procedure – In general, anyone who is eligible for oral surgery and routine dental extraction can get dental implants, although there are exceptions.

People who suffer from uncontrolled chronic disorders or have had radiation therapy near the target implant area must complete a special evaluation. The same goes for smokers. Talk to your dentist in Mission Viejo, CA to make sure dental implants are right for you.

  • The process takes months – During the recovery periods in between surgeries, you’ll need to stick to a diet of soft foods to give the surgical site time to heal. You’ll also have to monitor the surgical site. If your heart is set on getting implants, schedule the procedure on the least busy months of the year.
  • Dental insurance seldom covers dental implant surgery – Before committing to the procedure, make sure you have your payment method sorted.

Enhance Your Smile Today!

If you think dental implants are for you, talk to your dentist in Laguna, Niguel about it. Whether you want the procedure to get rid of your removable dentures or to make your smile more dazzling, they’ll be more than happy to give you the best implants possible!

Spice Up Your New Home with a Contemporary Sofa

Now that you have a new home, it’s time to transform it to reflect your personality and sense of style. Start off your home redesign project by purchasing a contemporary sofa!

Contemporary Sofa

The Best Reasons to Get a Sofa with a Contemporary Design

Sofas are some of the most common pieces of living room furniture in Los Angeles homes. Guests can sit on it when they visit, and it can also make a great centerpiece for your living room. You can also add some throw pillows on it to make it look better and even more comfortable for your guests.

With their contemporary design schemes and variety in aesthetics, these sofas are what most people are looking to get for their homes. If you’re looking to get one of your own, here are some of the best things to consider:

  1. Aesthetic Flexibility

Getting a sofa that can fit anywhere in your living room is a great reason to consider when getting a contemporary-designed sofa. The more flexible it is aesthetically, the more worthwhile purchase for your home.

  1. No Shortage of Options

Another thing that’s great about contemporary sofas is that you can never run out of options when choosing one. Most sofas can come in different colors, fabrics, patterns, and sizes, and can also come with different accessories to liven it up. Depending on what you’re looking for, you won’t have to worry about having a hard time choosing a sofa for your living room.

  1. Wide Availability

Many furniture stores offer contemporary sofas for Los Angeles homes. With that much availability wherever you go, finding a sofa for your living room becomes easier. You also get access to great deals without having to worry about the overall cost.

  1. Easy Care and Cleaning

Owning a sofa for your home entails care and maintenance on your end, just like other pieces of furniture you own. Cleaning and caring for your sofa on a regular basis can not only make it look better, but will also improve its durability.

  1. Extra Space Provision

While adding a sofa can take up some room in your home, it can also give you extra space to use. A contemporary sofa can serve for seating and sleeping when you have guests come over your new home. Also, depending on the build of the sofa you’re looking for, you can also get more storage space.

Go Contemporary for Your New Home

Besides sofas, there are many different quality pieces of furniture that you can get with a contemporary touch on it—and with these things to consider for the sofa, giving your home a contemporary touch will surely be worth it.

Important Things to Keep in Mind when Installing Artificial Pet Turf

When you have a dog or any other pet, you know how important it is for them to play and run around always. However, natural grass spaces are not only rare, their soil also sticks to our pets’ paws, which is a problem when they go into the house. This is why artificial pet turf is one of the best choices you can make as a pet owner. With a synthetic grass space, you get soil-free turf that requires little watering and maintenance, and has a pet-friendly structure.

Cute toy terrier on artificial grass

Pet Grass Checklist

Keep in mind that there are synthetic grass types which fit pets to a T. With lots of turf options available online and in our local stores, you just need to figure out which are the best ones for your pet. Here are a couple of the criteria you have to consider when choosing your grass surface:

  • Quality of the Turf

Not all types of turf are made equally. Quality can range from simple plastic fibers up to synthetic fibers that have the aura of natural grass. Brands like Express Turf are created notably for pets. It also meets every environmental guide and has soft and natural blades.

  • Odor Protection

Odor is one of the strongest considerations for pet owners. Having to clean pet waste is something made easier with artificial grass because you can pick up waste easily or wash it out with a hose.

On the other side, there are issues with pet owners regarding urine on artificial grass. With the passage of time, the smell of urine will cause a bad smell, even if you clean it up all the time.  A turf deodorizer has to be put at the base so that odors can be neutralized in the future, so that you have a fresh smelling lawn.

  • Quality of Installation

While you can hire someone to do your lawn for you, installing synthetic grass for dogs will be much cheaper. Also, if your pet is very active and plays rough, it’s advisable to have installation done seamlessly to maximize your investment.

Artificial grass stores have manuals for installing their turfs. These are usually given whenever you buy products from them. Try to get a sample, so that you have an overview of your installation project.

  • Quality of Infill

The layer underneath the artificial grass is important as the turf itself. The main types of infill include crumb rubber and silica granules. If you are a pet owner, better attention should be devoted for silica granules. It is more durable compared to crumb rubber.

Silica granules are also more suited to foot traffic. The fill type has an antimicrobial coating which aids in stopping the spread of bacteria from pet waste, which makes it better for your family. Silica granules also help in cooling down artificial grass during very hot summers.  Lastly, silica granules are light colored and reflect heat, which keep turf cooler compared to crumb rubber infill.

Make Careful Considerations on Your Grass

Treat buying artificial grass as a good investment. If done right, your artificial grass will give the property the shine and value it deserves. Just like getting other types of synthetic turf such as putting greens in San Jose, artificial turf for dogs need to be thought of carefully. Don’t fall in a trap of getting second-rate manufactured surfaces.  With many options and reviews on the Internet, you’re sure to find the turf your pets will love to play around in.

6 SEO Strategies You Can’t Do Without in 2019

search engine optimization strategy

Make sure your SEO strategies are on-point for 2019! Read on to find out what techniques to retain, update, and take up to stay on ahead of the competition.

  1. Optimize Your Content

This is possibly the oldest trick in the book. Here’s what you need to know about it.

• Targeting the right keywords is key. Find the ones that are most relevant to your brand, business, and products.
• Optimize your title tag. It’s the content component that has the most weight when it comes to search engine optimization. So, make sure to integrate your keywords into your title tags.
• Mention your keywords near the beginning of your content.
• Incorporate your keywords to your content headings as well, especially in the first heading (H1).

  1. Boost Your Site Speed

Test your website’s speed across various platforms. If it takes more than a couple of seconds, then you need to do something about it. Most users close browser tabs that take more than five seconds to load. Check the things that may be affecting your site speed (e.g., images, graphics, database queries, PHP conflicts, etc.). If you lack the know-how to diagnose your website, consider getting it checked out by SEO experts.

  1. Focus on Pages Included in Website Navigation

Did you know that navigation is the most important structural component of your website? There are three reasons why:

• it’s what lets users peruse your website easily;
• it’s the first thing that provides links to the various pages of your website; and
• it’s found at the very top of just about every page in your website (which gives it a lot of weight in SEO).

So, optimize the pages included in it. Make sure Google sees just how important they are.

  1. Ask Your Friends and Clients to Review Your Posts and Products

Site reviews are local SEO ranking factor. So, they’re seldom the focus of SEO strategies. However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely disregard them in your SEO plan. After all, high listing ranks provide more value to a business. Good reviews aren’t hard to come by if you offer quality content, products, and services.

  1. Create Fresh Compelling Content

Content is king! Quality content rakes in traffic. Traffic boosts conversion rates. It is neither a secret nor is it rocket science. So, spare no effort to come up with fresh and interesting content.

  1. Ensure Mobile Users Can Access Your Website

This can be quite a challenge if you’re website has been around for ages. However, the results are definitely worth it. Most people nowadays use mobile devices to browse the web. As such, failing to make your website mobile-friendly will definitely limit your influence.

Raising your ranking takes time and effort. So, don’t expect immediate results after implementing these SEO strategies. If you’re not new to the digital marketing scene, review your current optimization game plan. This may take time, especially if you have an expansive website. But it’ll be worth it as it’ll not only enable you to take stock of what you have going on but it’ll also help you establish your priorities.

Boost your web visibility! Take up these SEO techniques to supercharge your digital marketing campaigns!

How the Blockchain Market is Transforming the Face of SEO

From its early beginnings as a means to verify bitcoin transactions, the blockchain market has exploded so massively that it’s already making waves in a wide range of sectors such as travel, insurance, education, healthcare, and more. Now, it’s poised to transform how marketers execute their SEO campaigns in new and significant ways.

Blockchain Digital Chain

The Purpose of the SEO and the Blockchain

When you look at their primary purposes, SEO and the blockchain seem to be worlds apart:

  • SEO – to rank high in search results and get indexed, increasing the chances of converting website visitors to actual customers
  • Blockchain – to establish a trusted, secure, and unalterable public record of data, documents, and transactions

Right now, SEO marketers continue to concentrate on keeping up with Google algorithms, backlinks, keyword research, and rich content to get to the top of search results. Those first-page spots are so in demand primarily because online users place a great deal of trust on first page results, and blockchain technology takes this to a whole new level.

How the Blockchain Will Disrupt SEO

Here are just a few expert predictions on how blockchain technology will disrupt SEO:

  • Online ad campaigns

Most business online ad campaigns rely on Pay per Click ads (PPC), and giants like Facebook and Google primarily handle these ads. They help verify that both the advertiser and the website are legit, which is supremely important given that fraud drains billions from advertiser pockets every year.

Google and Facebook function as middlemen between businesses and advertisers, overseeing the contracts, and finally, taking their share of the profits.

Blockchain technology can completely remove middlemen from the equation by:

    • Verifying the legitimacy of users
    • Securely storing the contracts between businesses and advertisers
    • Ensuring that only actual click-throughs are being charged
    • Ensuring that real people are actually looking at the ads and not bots
    • Decreasing online fraud thanks to its invincible verification process
  • Transparency

Another indirect benefit that the blockchain offers SEO is establishing immediate trust between companies and advertisers. No more relying on subjective reviews to make sure that you’re doing business with a legitimate company; the blockchain lays all transactions and actions in the open so that both parties can enjoy a high, genuine level of trust right from the start. And when this happens, people are more likely to flock and bring more traffic to websites.

  • Accountability

The online marketplace is a hotbed for fraud and counterfeit, and too many consumers are victimized by these predatory practices. Authentic merchants constantly find themselves in an uphill battle to gain the trust of potential customers who are always on the defensive when shopping online.

Using the blockchain’s ledger system, customers gain the power to verify the legitimacy, origin, and journey of a product from a merchant. E-commerce websites will be more secure than ever as search engines provide truly trustworthy results.

The Blockchain is Here to Stay

It’s true that blockchain technology has a long way to go before becoming mainstream, but it’s definitely here to stay. Forward-thinking digital marketers are in the perfect position to capitalize on the blockchain’s budding influence on SEO. As early as now, it’s a wise move for businesses, entrepreneurs, and blockchain companies to seek out these marketers to help them take advantage of the blockchain ahead of their competition.