Designing 101: Modern Bedroom Furniture Hacks

Modern bedroom furniture is always a great choice when decorating your bedroom. However, if you wish to make your bedroom extra special, you need to go beyond the standard way of decorating and add your own brand of pizazz to your space. Instead of putting out money for that Italian four post bed, get some standout features for your decorating project!

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Take Your Bedroom to the Next Level

With some bright and daring choices, you can give the best interior designers a run for their money in creating stupendous bedrooms. Decorate your way to a high-class personal space by doing the following:

  • Add more color and character to the walls

Having white walls in a bedroom gives off a stark appearance. Put a little paint or wallpaper to give the bedroom a warmer, more inviting aura. If you want a splash of color without being too loud, go for a deep gray hue. The color will give your bed, rugs, and table a chance to stand out, so much so that you’ll be more enthused to sleep in the room.

  • Make use of glamorous lighting

When you select a unique and luxurious lighting piece, it’s easy to make the whole room follow suit. Put in lamps or pendants to place a sophisticated finish to your room. Select fixtures with extravagant materials such as glass, crystal, or gold. You can also bring in a uniquely shaped lighting into the room as a visual focal point. Thoughtfully chosen pieces can make any room look classier than usual.

  • Select a standout headboard

Apart from the lighting, an element in the bedroom that instantly draws attention is the bed’s headboard. Placing a thoughtfully designed headboard adds glam to your custom-made bed. The headboard doesn’t have be too pricy, but it should have a feature that stands out. The unique element can be a vibrant color, an exquisite shape, or a lush fabric like linen, chenille, or velvet.

  • Invest in a plush blanket

One of the standard features of luxurious bedrooms is a soft throw blanket. Search for one at your local fabric store. Get a soft throw blanket that complements your overall look. With just a single piece, you can elevate your plain-looking bed with unmistakable flair.

  • Place mirrors around the bed

Another hack that designers use in making a room look glamorous involves adding a mirror above a nightstand. This helps in adding flair to the bedroom wall, and makes the room look and feel grander. Select a mirror that has gilded details or a unique shape to emphasize style.

  • Place more pillows

Every one of us has seen bedrooms that boast a lot of throw pillows on the bed, giving the furniture a lavish look. You can achieve this style by getting Euro-sized pillows (which measure 26 x 26 in), standard pillows, and smaller throw pillows. In doing so, you can up the plush factor of your room.

  • Choose bejeweled nightstands

Most bedside tables are straightforward in style. Consider investing in a luxurious night table. Choose one that has a reflective element, like a brash or crystal finish, to achieve the subtle but sophisticated aesthetic. For the ultimate glam look, get ones with gem-embedded designs. When styling it up, make sure you don’t go overboard with your ornaments. Keep it clutter-free.

Move Toward Modern Luxe

Getting a glam bedroom does not mean every piece has to be glistening or expensive. With creativity and thoughtful spending, you can shape up your bedroom to be like a celebrity’s without compromising its distinct personality.

Get your creative juices flowing, and pair up your mid-century bed with classy yet affordable furnishings. By the end of your redesign, even your friends will be raving about how celebrity-like your space is!


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