Does It Make Sense to Hire a Brand Marketing Firm to Handle Reputation Management for Your CEO?

When you think about what your CEO can do for your company, there are probably three scenarios with which you can come up. There’s the notion of the CEO who is virtually invisible, making no public comments about the company and its policies. There’s the CEO whose reputation helps the company to reach new heights, and then there’s the one whose actions cause active harm to the business’s bottom line. When you look at the situation in this light, you can see why it’s sometimes useful to hire a brand marketing firm to handle reputation management for your CEO.

Use A Brand Marketing Firm To Advise Your CEO

Is Your CEO an Asset or a Liability?

If you have a CEO who knows that a squeaky-clean appearance can help your company, then using a brand marketing firm to handle reputation management might not be necessary. If your CEO only appears at charity functions and never has any turmoil going on in their personal lives, then that’s ideal. Even better, if they’re charismatic and are constantly launching initiatives that are going to help the planet or those less fortunate, then they’re already doing an excellent job of handling their brand marketing.

How many CEOs know how to behave in this way, though? If these are their natural inclinations, then that’s great, but in many cases, tremendous wealth does not come along with the best decision-making capabilities.

You might have a CEO who likes to get on social media and act in a braggadocious manner. Maybe they’re not kicking puppies or anything else that’s going to get your company a flood of bad press, but it’s less than helpful if they’re sharing pictures of themselves luxuriating on their private yacht in the middle of an economic downturn either.

What a Brand Marketing Firm Can Do

A brand marketing firm can teach your CEO what they must do if they want to keep a tight handle on their public persona. This reputation management training will hopefully get them to think before they go on a late-night social media spree, or before they make an off-color comment in the presence of a dozen TV cameras. CEOs owe a lot to their shareholders if they head up a publicly traded company. What they say and do matters a great deal, which is part of why brand marketing firms exist.

Your CEO may need a crash course in reputation management, or they may already have a solid grip on their behavior. In either case, the public is going to be watching what they do and say, and if they ever step out of line, there could be severe consequences. A prime example that took place recently was the founder of Papa John’s being ousted from his own company.

In some cases, a CEO needs to learn to temper their behavior, and that’s when a brand marketing firm steps in for reputation management purposes, if only for the sake of the company’s betterment.


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