Expert Posing Tips for Corporate Portraits from Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers

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Leesburg, VA wedding photographers know that posing for portraits is not easy, especially for those with little to no modeling experience. This is evident, not only in pre-nuptial and event promo pictorials, but also in corporate and business photoshoots. Fortunately, employees do not have to be professional models to look smart in their company portrait. They just need to follow these expert posing tips from top Leesburg photographers!

Posing for Portraits: 4 Expert Tips from Top Photographers

Employees are the heart of a business. Hence, it’s crucial that they look their best in their corporate portraits. Keep these expert tips in mind when you pose for your portrait to guarantee awesome shots:

  1. Turtling

Pull your chin forward, like a turtle coming out of its shell. Doing so will get rid of the extra layer that appears under your chin when you take photos in your normal stance. Leesburg, VA wedding photographers can attest that it happens even to the skinniest people. Turtling may seem uncomfortable at first, but it brings out the best results!

  1. Lifting the arm

Most people pose for portraits with their arms flat on their sides. However, doing so tends to make them look awkward and uncomfortable —a look that you surely don’t want to channel on your company portrait. Pressing your arms against your torso also makes them look larger than they really are. An excellent way to sidestep these problems is by lifting your arm by an inch or two. You can also put your hands on your hips to keep your arms “floating.”

  1. Turning 2/3rds

The camera can add extra pounds, even if it’s at the hands of a top corporate photographer in Washington DC. It’s why most photographers ask their models to turn away slightly during shoots. Turning 2/3rds magnifies the visual space of your waist, which enhances your curves and makes you look thinner. You can also set your shoulders sideways a bit to appear slimmer.

Not only does this pose makes you lose some weight visually, but it also projects a relaxed, natural aura to the camera.

  1. Giving it your best natural smile

Smile just like you are talking to a loved one or having fun with your friends, but avoid being too giddy. Let the smile reach your eyes. Your corporate portrait must make you look approachable but still professional and serious about the work that you do.

Hire the Best Photographer in Town

If you really want to come up with a great set of corporate portraits for your bulletin boards and website, hire a creative and experienced photographer.

Any Northern Virginia wedding photographer and corporate photographer worth their salt know how to position their subjects well to bring out their best looks. They also know how to ensure adequate lighting in all shots and identify the perfect location for pictorials outside the studio. Say goodbye to awkward-looking corporate portraits. Hire a top Leesburg photographer today to guarantee beautiful shots for the company website and bulletin boards.


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