Folding Beach Wagon Essentials

There is no vacation that’s more exciting than going to the beach! Nothing compares to the feel of the water and sand on your toes, as well as basking under the sunlight and feeling the heat. Bringing a folding beach wagon to the beach can make your beach trip as convenient as you want it to be. However, aside from the beach towels, shade, and other beach essentials, what else exactly should you bring to the beach with you?


Beach Essentials for Your Foldable Wagon

There are lots of things you can bring to the beach, so long as they are convenient for your plans. Here are some of the best beach essentials to fill your wagon with:

  • Beach Cooler

Of course, the summer heat can become unbearable at times, which is why this particular beach essential is one of the most important things to add to your wagon. Make sure to fit in all the drinks you want for the trip, whether it be some bottled water, soda, or even a few cold ones for the trip!

  • Bluetooth Speakers

It wouldn’t be a complete beach trip without some tunes to enjoy! Feel free to add a Bluetooth speaker to your wagon! What makes this a great beach essential is that you won’t need to worry about connecting your mobile device to the speaker, as well as it getting wet should you take your speaker to the beach. Just make sure to charge the speaker before taking it to the beach.

  • Portable Phone Charger

Everyone brings their phones to the beach, which can be great for capturing picture-perfect memories and, of course, for the music! However, the fun can die down when your phone’s battery starts to die down, which is why this particular beach essential is important to add to your collapsible wagon. Not only will this help bring the device along, the wagon that you store it in will also help keep your phone and charger safe from the sands and water!

  • Sand Coasters

Ever worried about bringing your drink with you to the beach, only to find out that there is absolutely no way of setting it down on the sand? These handy little things can make bringing your drinks a lot easier to handle! What makes this a great beach essential for the trip is that not only will it handle your drinks well, it can also work great with other things such as your phone, little snacks, and even a portable charger for your phone!

  • A Good Book

If you’re the type to enjoy the heat in a more solitary manner, then a good book can be great to add to your wagon! You can add more than one book to your wagon, further widening your reading options for a more relaxing day at the beach.

Have a Fun Trip to the Beach!

These beach essentials to add to your folding beach wagon can make any beach trip a more convenient and fun experience! There are other beach essentials you can add to your wagon—and with these five essentials to start with, you can never have too much stuff in your beach wagon!


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