Food for One: Complete Packaging Solutions Address the Single-Serve Trend

More and more Americans are exchanging the couch for the treadmill. With more than 40 million gym subscriptions nationwide, the health craze is also sweeping the food and beverage industry. It’s also having an impact on complete packaging solutions, as new trends on eating habits mean exploring more creative ways of packaging foods and beverages.

A trend worth noting is the rising popularity of single-serve and sample packaging. If you’re looking to reach consumers who are trying to practice healthy eating habits, then this type of packaging holds great potential.

brown recycled paper bag with nutrition labels

  • Portion and Calorie Control

Smaller packs helps people control the calories they consume and the portion sizes of the food they eat. Single-serve packaging makes this easier to achieve. Instead of mindlessly snacking on a big bag of chips, one can now enjoy it without overindulging.

Your contract packaging provider can also print pertinent nutritional information on the package such as ingredients, fat content, sugar, and other things that people look for when shopping for food and drinks.

  • Convenience

Small packages also make it easier for shoppers to transport food. Convenience is a major element when buying food items. Single-serve packages can contain everything from a snack to a whole meal, and can be taken from place to place without too much hassle. If you want to target fitness buffs who are always on the go, then smaller packaging can help your marketing efforts

  • Freshness

Single-serve packaging means that consumers are able to enjoy their food fresh, every time. Before, buying a bag of cereal or a box of cookies means having stale leftovers in the near future; worse, the leftovers simply become waste. Now, people can purchase individual packs of crackers, chips, or cookies without having to store the rest of it away.

  • Creativity

Better still, single-serve containers offer a wonderful opportunity for companies to unleash their creativity. Want to include fruit as a side dish? Want to try out a portable pouch for that ready-made protein shake? Single-serve items can be very versatile when it comes to design. It gives you more freedom to explore food combinations and presentation in a way that larger packaging does not.

  • Eco-Friendliness

Traditionally, downsizing food packaging means you need to use more materials, and in turn, generate more waste. The rise of the health trend has also given way for increased eco-consciousness among shoppers. Fortunately, many contract packaging companies today are able to create single-serve packaging while observing eco-friendly packages at the same time.

  • Affordability

Not everyone can afford to buy big amounts food, nor desire to. Single-serve packaging makes a wide variety of food more accessible to customers. Even more expensive items like nut butters, specialty coffee, and even fancy food items become more accessible when portioned out into single servings. As a result, customers are able to buy more of an item without obligating them to purchase in bulk.

Single servings of meals and beverages are becoming more prevalent in today’s food and drinks market.  It addresses important issues like dietary awareness, convenience, and freshness, offering companies a novel and efficient way to present their products.


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