How the Blockchain Market is Transforming the Face of SEO

From its early beginnings as a means to verify bitcoin transactions, the blockchain market has exploded so massively that it’s already making waves in a wide range of sectors such as travel, insurance, education, healthcare, and more. Now, it’s poised to transform how marketers execute their SEO campaigns in new and significant ways.

Blockchain Digital Chain

The Purpose of the SEO and the Blockchain

When you look at their primary purposes, SEO and the blockchain seem to be worlds apart:

  • SEO – to rank high in search results and get indexed, increasing the chances of converting website visitors to actual customers
  • Blockchain – to establish a trusted, secure, and unalterable public record of data, documents, and transactions

Right now, SEO marketers continue to concentrate on keeping up with Google algorithms, backlinks, keyword research, and rich content to get to the top of search results. Those first-page spots are so in demand primarily because online users place a great deal of trust on first page results, and blockchain technology takes this to a whole new level.

How the Blockchain Will Disrupt SEO

Here are just a few expert predictions on how blockchain technology will disrupt SEO:

  • Online ad campaigns

Most business online ad campaigns rely on Pay per Click ads (PPC), and giants like Facebook and Google primarily handle these ads. They help verify that both the advertiser and the website are legit, which is supremely important given that fraud drains billions from advertiser pockets every year.

Google and Facebook function as middlemen between businesses and advertisers, overseeing the contracts, and finally, taking their share of the profits.

Blockchain technology can completely remove middlemen from the equation by:

    • Verifying the legitimacy of users
    • Securely storing the contracts between businesses and advertisers
    • Ensuring that only actual click-throughs are being charged
    • Ensuring that real people are actually looking at the ads and not bots
    • Decreasing online fraud thanks to its invincible verification process
  • Transparency

Another indirect benefit that the blockchain offers SEO is establishing immediate trust between companies and advertisers. No more relying on subjective reviews to make sure that you’re doing business with a legitimate company; the blockchain lays all transactions and actions in the open so that both parties can enjoy a high, genuine level of trust right from the start. And when this happens, people are more likely to flock and bring more traffic to websites.

  • Accountability

The online marketplace is a hotbed for fraud and counterfeit, and too many consumers are victimized by these predatory practices. Authentic merchants constantly find themselves in an uphill battle to gain the trust of potential customers who are always on the defensive when shopping online.

Using the blockchain’s ledger system, customers gain the power to verify the legitimacy, origin, and journey of a product from a merchant. E-commerce websites will be more secure than ever as search engines provide truly trustworthy results.

The Blockchain is Here to Stay

It’s true that blockchain technology has a long way to go before becoming mainstream, but it’s definitely here to stay. Forward-thinking digital marketers are in the perfect position to capitalize on the blockchain’s budding influence on SEO. As early as now, it’s a wise move for businesses, entrepreneurs, and blockchain companies to seek out these marketers to help them take advantage of the blockchain ahead of their competition.


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