How to Train Your Border Collie for Goose Control

Border collie jumping on an agility training

Geese problems are often unavoidable, especially if your property has features that make it the perfect breeding and nesting grounds for these birds.  Fortunately, there are ways to keep them off your grounds. Training a Border Collie for goose control is one of them.

Border Collies are the dog breed with the stalking behavior, something that makes them a natural predator to geese. Trained Border Collies can persistently chase off birds without harming or touching them. Once the geese establish that a Border Collie guards a property, they’ll know not to return to breed or nest. It’s the most effective and humane way of dealing with a goose infestation.

6 Easy Training Tips for Border Collie

It takes months to hone a Border Collie’s herding and predatory instincts for goose control —longer if the dog is still a puppy or already full grown. Don’t let the lengthy period deter you. With persistent and consistent training efforts, you can train your canine to chase off geese in no time. Follow these tips:

  1. Start with simple commands.

Whether you purchased a puppy or a full-grown Border Collie for sale, you need to start small. Master simple prompts before working your way up to more complex commands. It will help you gauge their range of obedience and reception to instruction. Study their behavior and adjust your training methods accordingly. Start with these prompts:

• Stay
• Sit (down)
• Come here

Be patient and persistent. Reward small achievement with treats, pats, and words of encouragement.

  1. Work for a response after a single command.

Border Collies are intelligent. They can pick up and remember commands in a short period of time. When training them, don’t give commands repeatedly. Say them only once. If you need to repeat the prompt, do so after a minute or two. Saying it multiple times may cause your Border Collie to respond only when the command is given several times.

  1. Train somewhere spacious and secure.

Trained Border Collies cover vast expanses of land, seeking and herding out geese. That’s why it’s imperative that you get yours used to taking commands in huge spaces. Conduct goose dog training out in an open but fenced area. Once your canine follows commands well, leash them and place them in a training pen with a few geese. Give the geese a large pile of feed to keep them in a single spot. Give your dog time to get used to the birds.

  1. Use hand gestures when giving commands.

Punctuate prompts with hand gestures. Make sure your Border Collie is paying attention to the verbal command and your hand movement during training. This will help them associate the prompt with the signal. When done well, your dog will take the gesture as a nonverbal command, allowing them to respond to it faster.

  1. Consult Geese Control Companies

Consult geese control companies for expert advice on training. Since the Humane Society of the United States recommends goose herding methods with Border Collies, most agencies rely on these canines for most of their services. Take advantage of their knowledge. Get insights from them on how to handle and train your border collie.

  1. Praise and reward them.

Like other canines, Border Collie thrive on praise from their owners. The more praise they get, the more effective their work on goose control will be, so don’t skimp out on rewards and encouragements. Give them a treat whenever they do something good or follow your command. It will help them become more responsive to future commands.

Hone Your Border Collie’s Stalking Instincts

Train them for goose control. Not only will it unlock their full potential as a herder, but it will also deter geese from nesting, breeding, and hanging out in your property indefinitely!


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