Important Things to Keep in Mind when Installing Artificial Pet Turf

When you have a dog or any other pet, you know how important it is for them to play and run around always. However, natural grass spaces are not only rare, their soil also sticks to our pets’ paws, which is a problem when they go into the house. This is why artificial pet turf is one of the best choices you can make as a pet owner. With a synthetic grass space, you get soil-free turf that requires little watering and maintenance, and has a pet-friendly structure.

Cute toy terrier on artificial grass

Pet Grass Checklist

Keep in mind that there are synthetic grass types which fit pets to a T. With lots of turf options available online and in our local stores, you just need to figure out which are the best ones for your pet. Here are a couple of the criteria you have to consider when choosing your grass surface:

  • Quality of the Turf

Not all types of turf are made equally. Quality can range from simple plastic fibers up to synthetic fibers that have the aura of natural grass. Brands like Express Turf are created notably for pets. It also meets every environmental guide and has soft and natural blades.

  • Odor Protection

Odor is one of the strongest considerations for pet owners. Having to clean pet waste is something made easier with artificial grass because you can pick up waste easily or wash it out with a hose.

On the other side, there are issues with pet owners regarding urine on artificial grass. With the passage of time, the smell of urine will cause a bad smell, even if you clean it up all the time.  A turf deodorizer has to be put at the base so that odors can be neutralized in the future, so that you have a fresh smelling lawn.

  • Quality of Installation

While you can hire someone to do your lawn for you, installing synthetic grass for dogs will be much cheaper. Also, if your pet is very active and plays rough, it’s advisable to have installation done seamlessly to maximize your investment.

Artificial grass stores have manuals for installing their turfs. These are usually given whenever you buy products from them. Try to get a sample, so that you have an overview of your installation project.

  • Quality of Infill

The layer underneath the artificial grass is important as the turf itself. The main types of infill include crumb rubber and silica granules. If you are a pet owner, better attention should be devoted for silica granules. It is more durable compared to crumb rubber.

Silica granules are also more suited to foot traffic. The fill type has an antimicrobial coating which aids in stopping the spread of bacteria from pet waste, which makes it better for your family. Silica granules also help in cooling down artificial grass during very hot summers.  Lastly, silica granules are light colored and reflect heat, which keep turf cooler compared to crumb rubber infill.

Make Careful Considerations on Your Grass

Treat buying artificial grass as a good investment. If done right, your artificial grass will give the property the shine and value it deserves. Just like getting other types of synthetic turf such as putting greens in San Jose, artificial turf for dogs need to be thought of carefully. Don’t fall in a trap of getting second-rate manufactured surfaces.  With many options and reviews on the Internet, you’re sure to find the turf your pets will love to play around in.


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