Pain and Gains of Letting Go CPAP Nasal Masks

Suppose that Adrian is a 56 years old patient who has been suffering from sleep apnea for almost two years now. For the same length of time, he has learned to bear with terrible nights that made him suffer because of his uncomfortable CPAP nasal masks. He always wakes up in the middle of his sleep just to find out that there’s been air leakage in his CPAP, or was simply awaken by the pain brought by the straps that have to cling on to secure his CPAP.

Adrian just thought that maybe this is how it is, maybe there’s not much joy left anymore once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have to go through CPAP therapy. So he went on with his miserable nights and just got used to it.

Learning to Embrace the Pain

For most people who undergo certain therapy because of health conditions, be it sleep apnea or another story, they might get the impression that their diagnosis automatically puts them in a life outside normalcy – the one that deals with little to extreme uncomfortable and painful treatments that are supposed to make them better. It’s like saying “That’s it, I’m sick. I just have to get used to these treatments because there’s not much we can really do”.

More than the bad atmosphere of this pessimism that these people naturally gets, such perception can make them stick to  their ‘usual’ ways even if there have been ways to eliminate the inconveniences they could be experiencing at the moment. The concept of ‘learned helplessness’ can come into play to make the patients believe that the painful treatments will suffice because they are out of strength to try something that might be better.

Shift for Convenience

Shifting to better treatments for convenience could be out of here. Adrian will sure get rid of the pain he experiences because of his CPAP nasal mask straps if he will try devices that have no straps, no masks, and no headgears. He might have been so surprised that such device existed when he looked it up in the internet. In fact, he even considered acquiring it because it is lightweight, seems easier to use, and can definitely make him sleep like a baby. But what could be holding him back?

Is It Worth the Investment?

Having been able to bear his situation for two years, Adrian was thinking that maybe he can go on just like that, and buying a new CPAP device might not be worth the penny. This is the part where he could go wrong because investing for better health and convenience has always been worth it! Adrian can simply browse through the testimonials made by the users of newer CPAP device technologies. He can also try to look up the undisputable benefits of having sound sleep.

Are There No Caveats?

The only caveat obvious in investing in new and more comfortable CPAP device is the penny you spend on it, but that does not mean so much when compared to your gains. Besides this, reasons to break free from your traditional CPAP nasal masks are shouting to be noticed. Stop holding on to what you got used to, and revolutionize your sleep apnea treatments. And hey, do you know what else can you do to revolutionize? Spread this word about the latest CPAP device to a friend today!


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