Maintain Healthy Weight through Personal Training in Studio City

Most people will do anything to lose weight and maintain their figure.  Doing so, however, involves more than cutting down on eating and personal training in Studio City. Getting rid of excess pounds does not happen overnight; it involves changing many daily habits, and maintaining them in the long run.

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However, becoming fit is easier said than done. In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported 1.9 billion overweight adults on the planet; 650 million of these adults were obese. The good news is that obesity is preventable.  Discover some useful hacks to help you achieve weight loss and keep you healthy.

How to Lose Weight and Maintain Your Figure

There are countless practical ways for you to slim down and ensure long term results:

  1. Set realistic goals.
    You may want to bring up your weight up to a time you were younger. You should instead set a realistic goal of losing 5-10% of your weight. Allow yourself all the time to reach that goal. Most people actually need 6 months in order to reach the goal.
  1. Eat more greens.
    Diets that are high in vegetables are linked with better outcomes, which include weight loss and reduced risk of diseases. Spinach, watercress, and collard greens rank as powerhouse foods. However, don’t cut out meat or dairy from your diet. Outstanding results also come from diets that combine healthy protein sources with vegetables.
  1. Get a lot of sleep.
    Not having enough sleep will stimulate your appetite, making you crave more food than usual. It also prevents you from feeling satisfied and makes you want to keep eating. Sleep deprivation will also make you unmotivated, so you should try to get eight hours of sleep nightly.
  1. Work out in the morning.
    If you do regular workouts, an early morning workout on an empty stomach will speed up your weight loss and bring up energy levels by getting your body ready for an all-day burn. In addition, heading to your neighborhood gym in Sherman Oaks first thing in the morning will make your body tap into the fat reserves for fuel in place of burning off your most recent meal.
  1. Eat breakfast mindfully.
    A lot of people forego breakfast in the morning because they’re not feeling hungry. Try to rise 15 minutes earlier so that you have time to eat breakfast. While eating, practice putting down the utensils and coffee between every food you take in.
  1. Move around frequently.
    Exercise alone won’t guarantee immediate weight loss. As we become active, our hunger also increases. It’s also easier to eat hundreds of calories instead of burning them one time at the gym. This is why you have to move frequently to keep healthy. Instead of driving to work, try riding a bike instead; instead of using the elevator for a two floor ride, use the stairs.  In the long haul, you will be able to keep much weight off.
  1. Keep track of your screen time.
    Many people often use not having time to exercise or preparing healthy food as an excuse. However, most of them are glued to their smartphones or tablets to check on social media or stream shows. Monitor your screen time, and cut back the hours you spend in front of the screen to a quarter. Use the remaining time to work out or eat healthy.

Keep Your Weight in Check

Do your best to lose weight, but don’t let all of your weight loss efforts end in vain. Keep a healthy mindset after losing weight. Eat right instead of eating less. Spend less time on the phone and catch up on sleep.

If you struggle to meet your personal goals at the Studio City gym, consider hiring a personal trainer to help you keep track of your efforts. Maintaining your weight is a long term effort; develop healthy habits and good things will happen to you.


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