Tiny House Decorating 101 with Modern Furniture in Los Angeles


The Tiny House Movement started with people who wanted to live more mindfully with much less space and belongings. Real tiny houses typically measure a total of 120 sq. ft., and rarely exceed 500 sq. ft. Decorating such limited space with modern furniture in Los Angeles is certainly challenging, but you can make it work with these easy interior design secrets!

What to Do When Decorating a Tiny House

Tiny homes dare you to be resourceful and to consider your home from a new design perspective. Arrange your tiny house like a pro with these tips:

  • Choose sectional sofas.

Maximize seating capacity by getting a long sectional sofa. Pushing it against the wall helps you make the most of your limited real estate, and you can vary the combinations to accommodate guests or to switch up your seating position.

  • Be smart about space.

Using mirrors strategically can make even the tiniest home feel large. Some tiny house owners take advantage of this visual illusion by covering an entire wall with mirrors. If you want something more subdued, begin with a full-length mirror, then hang some small ones to enhance the effects.

In addition, negative space is crucial as well. This means keeping parts of your house empty so that there’s space for the eyes to rest. One way to do this is to avoid filling up your walls with décor and selecting just a few tasteful ones on display.

  • Try out wheeled storage.

Industrial trolleys and bar carts from modern furniture stores in Los Angeles are a creative storage trick that’s perfect for tiny homes. They’re easy to move while helping you organize items in one place. They’re easy to hide away as needed, too!

  • Stick with wall lights.

Brighten up enclosed spaces with wall lights, pendants, or recessed lights. They are excellent sources of light that won’t take up precious floor space.

  • Invest in open shelving.

Open shelves do double duty in a tiny home – they offer storage while making the room feel open and airy.

Pro-tip: showcase an eclectic collection of your best items (i.e., vintage plates, swoon-worthy linens, gorgeous candles, etc.) to open up closet space and create an interesting display at the same time.

  • Hang one large piece of statement art.

Having a large-scale art piece in a tiny space may seem counterintuitive, but it’s a classic interior design trick to make a room feel instantly luxurious. It gives your design scheme a focal point, showcases your personal aesthetic, and prevents your walls from getting crowded.

Decorating a Tiny House: Other Rules to Remember

Done with most of the design? Keep these in mind as you come near the decorating finish line:

  • Less is more – be thoughtful about the furniture you bring in, and get only what you need.
  • Avoid visual clutter – resist the urge to fill your home with decorative knick-knacks and choose items that are truly meaningful for you.
  • Go for multi-tasking pieces – as much as possible, go for multipurpose furniture such as tables with built-in drawers.

Whether you’re designing a tiny house or a massive mansion, you’ll find contemporary living room furniture, dining sets, and modern outdoor furniture from LA’s modern furniture stores. Schedule a visit and get inspired to make the most of your home!


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