Why Geese Control Companies Recommend Border Collies

There are many reasons geese control companies always recommend Border Collies to their clients. Read on to find out what they are.


  1. Geese perceive Border Collies as predators.

It’s what makes the Border Collie for goose control effective. More than most other canine breeds, Border Collies threaten geese. A couple of encounters with them can drive most flocks off a property indefinitely.

  1. Trained Border Collies don’t harm geese.

—Emphasis on the word “trained.” Trained Border Collies use non-lethal harassment techniques to remove geese from properties. They do not harm the fowls. Border Collies also often use the strong “eye,” wherein they look at their targets and make them feel that they should move in the direction the canines dictate.

  1. Border Collies are country dogs.

Border Collies are incredibly intelligent and hardworking. They respond well to praise and are easy to raise and train. Their boundless energy allows them to cover huge expanses of land and manage livestock without getting tired.

  1. Border Collies have excellent “work” instincts.

Border Collies are one of the few canine breeds in Canada that still have their “work” instincts. Most other breeds that were once relied on for work have been bred to be more companion-oriented or domesticated over the years, gradually dulling their ability and motivation to work outdoors.

Border Collies remain the top breed for herding assistance. Most farmers bred them to work sheep. But, with their keen herding instincts and intelligence, they can be trained to manage and herd just about any kind of livestock.

If you think Border Collies are the answer to your recurring geese problems, know that you have two options. You can either hire a goose control company that uses Border Collies to manage and get rid of fowls or buy a Border Collie puppy to raise and train on your own. Here are some things that you should know about these options.

Hiring a Company that Relies on Border Collies is a short-term solution.

  • Geese control specialists will first visit your property to scout the flocks and get to know the terrain. They’ll decide on which Border Collie(s) to take and what dispersal methods to employ based on their assessment.
  • The Border Collie(s) and their handler(s) will come over your property to herd and manage the flocks.
  • The number of sessions depends on the service you secured.
  • If your geese population is persistent, you may need to secure geese control services regularly.

Buying a Border Collie is a commitment.

  • If you’re buying a puppy, you must be prepared to raise and train it yourself. You must also have the grounds to accommodate it. Border Collies need a lot of space to explore and expend their energy on.
  • If you’re buying a trained Border Collie, you must be prepared to take care of it and maintain its training. Likewise, you must also have the space to accommodate it.

So, think twice before searching up “Border Collie for sale” online. Examine your geese situation. If you think a couple of sessions with trained Border Collies will do the trick, hire a goose control company. But, if you think regular Border Collie patrols are necessary, consider adopting a puppy or buying a trained canine.


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